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Table of Contents for 1989: Volume 1 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Oliver R. Barclay 98  
A Still-bent World: Some Reflections on Current Environmental Problems
Ron Elsdon 99-121 [Abstract]
A Note on Chaotic Dynamics
John Polkinghorne 123-127 [Abstract]
The Argument from Design in Early Modern Theology
Norma Emerton 129-147 [Abstract]
Teleology and the Concept of Natural Law: an Historical Perspective
Jonathan R. Topham 149-160 [Abstract]
Arthur Peacocke’s New Biology: New Wine in Old Bottles
J. W. Haas, Jr. 161-166 [Abstract]
Old Theology and the New Biology
Alister E. McGrath 167-171 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
The Anthropic Cosmological Principle John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler (Robert Boyd) 173-175  
God and the Processes of Reality: Foundations of a Credible Theism David A. Pailin (Lawrence H. Osborn) 175-177  
Superstrings: A Theory of Everything? Paul Davies and Julian Brown (eds) (Roland Dobbs) 177-179  
The Ages of Gaia: A biography of our living Earth James Lovelock (Lawrence Osborn) 179-181  
Human Future? Alan Jiggins (Richard Skinner) 181-182  
Glaube und Denken Jahrbuch der Karl-Heim Gesellschaft (Russell Kleckley) 182-186  
‘An Urchin in the Storm’ S. J. Gould (P. C. Knox) 186-187  
A Passion for Science Lewis Wolpert and Alison Richards (D. A. Burgess) 187-188  
Exploring Inner Space: Scientists and Religious Experience David Hay (A. N. Triton) 188-189  
The Wonderful Mistake: Notes of a Biology Watcher Lewis Thomas (Douglas C. Spanner) 189-190  
Philosophy of Biology Today Michael Ruse (Douglas C. Spanner) 189-190  
Persons and Personality, A Contemporary Inquiry Arthur Peacocke and Grant Gillett (ed) (James S. Nelson) 190-191  
The Genetic Jigsaw Robin Mckie (Caroline Berry) 191-192  

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