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Table of Contents for 1998: Volume 10 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Editorial: Of Christians and Information Technology
Lawrence Osborn 2  
Infanticide: An Ethical Battlefield
D Gareth Jones 3-19 [Abstract]
Criteria of Success in Science and Theology
Robert O’Connor 21-40 [Abstract]
Response to O’Connor: Inference to the Best Explanation and Predictive Power
Phil Dowe 41-47  
William Paley Confronts Erasmus Darwin: Natural Theology and Evolutionism in the Eighteenth Century
David Burbridge 49-72 [Abstract]
A Berkeleyan Approach to the Problem of Induction
James Spiegel 73-84 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Plan and Purpose in Nature George C Williams (Arthur Jones) 85-86  
Survival and Religion: Biological Evolution and Cultural Change Eric Jones and Vernon Reynolds (editors) (Lawrence Osborn) 86-87  
Reality through the Looking-Glass: Science and awareness in the postmodern world C J S Clarke (Revd Nicholas Moir) 87-88  
How Brains Think—Intelligence then and now William H Calvin (Diana Briggs) 88-89  
What is Life? The Next Fifty Years: Speculations on the Future of Biology Michael P. Murphy and Luke A. J. O’Neill (editors) (J. N. (Tim) Hawthorne) 90-91  
God and the Biologist: Faith at the Frontiers of Science R. J. Berry (John A Bryant) 91-92  
Energy and Environment Peter E Hodgson (Sir John Houghton) 93  
The Prehistory of the Mind S. Mithen (Mike Alsford) 93-94  
Religion and Creation Keith Ward (Graham McFarlane) 94-95  
The Fabric of Reality David Deutsch (John Polkinghorne) 95-96  
But is it Science?: The Philosophical Question in the Creation/Evolution Controversy Michael Ruse (Ed) (Oliver Barclay) 96  
Super, Natural Christians: How we should love nature Sallie McFague (Ron Elsdon) 97  
Religion and the Order of Nature Seeyed Hossein Nasr (Celia Deane-Drummond) 98-99  
The Earth Under Threat: A Christian Perspective Ghillean Prance (Steve Bishop) 99  
Monad to Man; The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology Michael. J Ruse (Michael Roberts) 99-100  
Pythagoras’ Trousers: God, physics and the gender wars Margaret Wertheim (Revd Nicholas Moir) 100-102  
Reinventing Darwin Niles Eldredge (Michael Roberts) 102  
River Out of Eden & Climbing Mount Improbable Richard Dawkins (Mike Poole) 102-105  
Testing Darwinism Phillip E. Johnson (Paul Helm) 105-106  
Uncertain Knowledge: An image of science for a changing world R G A Dolby (Lawrence Osborn) 106-108  
In Search of Personality: Christianity and Modern Psychology Peter Morea (Dr. Robert Innes) 108  
Impossibility: Thoughts About the Unknowable, the Undoable and the Unthinkable John D. Barrow (John Polkinghorne) 109  
God And The Scientists Michael Poole el al (Adrian Brown) 109-110  
Soul Searching Nicholas Humphrey (Andrew Briggs) 110-111  
Human Nature at the Millennium. Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity Malcolm A. Jeeves (D. A. Booth) 111-112  

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