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Table of Contents for 1998: Volume 10 (2)

Note that when you choose a Book Review the whole Reviews section will open up as a pdf document. You then need to scroll down to reach the relevant page number for your chosen review.


Title Author(s) Pages  
Editorial: On taking Both Science and the Bible Seriously
Denis Alexander 114  
Adam, Anthropology and the Genesis Record
Allan J. Day 115-143 [Abstract]
Human Nature: Unitary or Fragmented?
David Booth 145-162 [Abstract]
Science, Christianity and the Post-Modern Agenda
John Taylor 163-178 [Abstract]
ESSAY REVIEW The Crucible of Creation: the Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals by Simon Conway Morris
Robert S. White 179-185  


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Title Author(s) Pages  
(Letter) J. Emyr Macdonald 187-189  
(Letter) Michael B. Roberts 189-195  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Revelation and the Environment: AD 95–1995 Sarah Hobson & Jane Lubchenko (editors) (Celia Deane-Drummond) 197-198  
The Web of Life: A new Synthesis of Mind and Matter Fritjof Capra (Ernest C. Lucas) 198-199  
Good God: Green theology and the value of creation Jonathan Clatworthy (Ron Elsdon) 199-200  
The Scientific Revolution Steven Shapin (Charles Webster) 200-201  
Theology of Creation in an Evolutionary World Karl Schmitz-Moormann, with James F. Salmon S.J.(Christopher Southgate) 201-202  
God, Faith and the New Millennium Keith Ward (John Polkinghorne) 202  
Reconciling Theology and Science: A Radical Reformation Perspective Nancey Murphy (Michael Peat) 202-204  
The Psychology of Religious Behaviour, Belief and Experience Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi and Michael Argyle (Rosamund Bourke) 204-205  
The Humanizing Brain: Where Religion and Neuroscience Meet James B. Ashbrook and Carol Rausch Albright (Fraser Watts) 205-206  
Robert Boyle: A Study in Science and Christian Belief Reijer Hooykaas (Edward B. Davis) 206-207  
Belief in God in an Age of Science John Polkinghorne (William K. Kay) 207-208  

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