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Table of Contents for 1999: Volume 11 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Guest Editorial: Genetically Modified Foods: Why so much Concern?
Derek Burke 2-4  
Why God Must Exist
Keith Ward 5-13  
Cosmic Endgame: Theological Reflections on Recent Scientific Speculations on the Ultimate Fate of the Universe
John J. Davis 15-27 [Abstract]
This Cursed Earth: Is ‘the Fall’
R.J. Berry 29-49 [Abstract]


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Title Author(s) Pages  
Scripture and the Human Person: Further Reflections Joel B. Green 51-63 [Abstract]
Multiple Universes as an Explanation for Fine-Tuning Rodney D. Holder 65-66  
Multiple Universe Explanations Are Not Explanations Phil Dowe 67-68  
Further Observations on Mîn, ‘Kind’ John W. Olley 69-72 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
The Cambridge History of Seventeenth Century Philosophy Daniel Garber and Michael Ayers (eds)
(Charles Webster)
Between Copernicus and Galileo: Christopher Clavius and the Collapse of Ptolemaic Cosmology James M. Lattis (John Hedley Brooke) 74-75  
Science Meets Faith: Theology and Science in Conversation Fraser Watts (ed.) (Christopher Southgate) 75-76  
Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Issues Ian Barbour (Adrian Brown) 77-78  
Spiritual Evolution: Scientists Discuss Their Beliefs J.M. Templeton & K.S. Giniger (eds.) (Ernest C. Lucas) 78-79  
Vital Dust: Life as a Cosmic Imperative Christian de Duve (John A. Bryant) 79  
The Biological Universe Steven J. Dick (John A. Bryant) 79-83  
Nature’s Imagination: The Frontiers of Scientific Vision John Cornwell (editor) (Jonathan Doye) 83-84  
The Cambridge Companion to Jung Polly Eisendrath-Young and Terence Dawson (eds) (Dr. Sara B. Savage) 84-85  
Evolving the Mind: On the Nature of Matter and the Origin of Consciousness A.G. Cairns-Smith (Fraser Watts) 85-86  
Animals on the Agenda: Questions about Animals for Theology and Ethics Andrew Linzey and Dorothy Yamamoto (eds) (Brent Waters) 86-87  
Beyond Science John Polkinghorne (Denis Alexander) 87-88  
Metaphysics and the Origin of Species Michael T. Ghiselin (Arthur Jones) 88-89  
Principles of Geology Charles Lyell (Michael Roberts) 89-90  
The Faber Book of Science John Carey (editor) (William K. Kay) 90-91  
Improving Nature? The Science and Ethics of Genetic Engineering Michael J. Reiss and Roger Straughan (R.J. Berry) 91-92  
Faith and Uncertainty John Habgood (Peter Fulljames) 92-93  
A Walk Through Time – From Stardust to Us: The Evolution of Life on Earth Sidney Liebes, Elisabet Sahtouris and Brian Swimme (Hazel C. Lucas) 93-94  
Scientists as Theologians: A Comparison of the Writings of Ian Barbour, Arthur Peacocke and John Polkinghorne John Polkinghorne (John Jefferson Davis) 94-95  
Frankenstein’s Footsteps. Science, Genetics and Popular Culture Jon Turney (John Eldridge) 95-96  
Unnatural Enemies: An Introduction to Science and Christianity Kirsten Birkett (Steve Bishop) 96  

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