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Table of Contents for 2002: Volume 14 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Editorial: Globalising Science & Christian Belief
Denis Alexander 2  
Editorial: Globalising Science & Christian Belief
Denis Alexander 2  
Changing Portraits of Human Nature
Malcolm Jeeves 3-32 [Abstract]
Eschatology and the Nature of Humans: a Reconsideration of Pertinent Biblical Evidence
Joel B. Green 33-50 [Abstract]
Why is Francis of Assisi the Patron Saint of Ecologists?
Jan J. Boersema 51-77 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Babel’s Shadow: Genetic technologies in a fracturing society Pete Moore (Dr Ken Mickleson) 83-84  
The Future of the Universe – Chance, Chaos, God? Arnold Benz (Evan Cockshaw) 84-85  
On Dying Well Board for Social Responsibility of the Church of
England (Alun Morinan)
A Monk and Two Peas: The Story of Gregor Mendel and the Discovery of Genetics Robin Marantz Henig (David Burbridge) 87-88  
The Dating Game: One Man’s Search for the Age of the Earth Cherry Lewis (Robert S. White) 89-91  
Many Worlds: The New Universe, Extraterrestrial Life & the Theological Implications Steven Dick (Ed.) (John Jefferson Davis) 91-93  
God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution John F. Haught (Arthur Jones) 93-94  
The Human Person in Science and Theology N.H. Gregersen,W.B. Drees, U. Görman (Eds.)
(Graham McFarlane)
Hallmarks of Design: Evidences of design in the natural world Stuart Burgess (Oliver R. Barclay) 95  
Can we believe Genesis today? Ernest Lucas (Bennet McInnes) 96  

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