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Table of Contents for 2002: Volume 14 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Science and Postmodernism - Further Reflections
Editorial 98  
The Postmodern Attack on ScientificRealism
John L. Taylor 99-106 [Abstract]
Maintaining Scientific and Christian Truths in a Postmodern World
Donald A. Carson 107-122 [Abstract]
Explaining or Explaining Away?
Michael Poole 123-142 [Abstract]
The Problem of Mental Causation: HowDoes Reason Get its Grip on theBrain?
Nancey Murphy 143-158 [Abstract]
Human Cloning: A Watershed forScience and Ethics?
D. Gareth Jones 159-180 [Abstract]


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Title Author(s) Pages  
Some Thoughts on Causality and Design Revd. Philip Bligh 181-182  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Psychological Studies on Spiritual andReligious DevelopmentBeing Human: The Case of Religion,Vol.2 K. Helmut Reich
Fritz K. Oser
W. George Scarlett
(Rosamund Bourke)
Reason, Science & Faith Roger Forster
Paul Marston
(Andrew Halestrap)
Ad Litteram: How Augustine, Calvinand Barth Read the "Plain Sense" ofGenesis 1-3 K.E. Greene-McCreight
(Ernest Lucas)
Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and Faith in the 21st Century Denis Alexander
(John Polkinghorne)
God for the 21st Century Russell Stannard (Ed)
(John Bausor)
Christianity and Western Thought, Volume 2: Faith and Reason in the 19th Century S. Wilkens
A.G. Padgett
(Colin A. Russell)
The Triumph of Evolution and the Failure of Creationism Niles Eldredge
(R.J. Berry)
In the Beginning was Information Werner Gitt
(Rodney Holder)

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