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Table of Contents for 2004: Volume 16 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Denis Alexander 2  
Beyond Reductionism and Dualism:Towards a Christian Solution to the Mind Body Problem
David A Norman 3-12 [Abstract]
Truth in Science: Proof, Persuasion, and the Galileo Affair
Owen Gingrich 13-26 [Abstract]
Assessing risk: science or art?
Derek Burke 27-44 [Abstract]


[View Debate Section] [Download Debate Section]
Title Author(s) Pages  
Cloning, Creation and Control Neil G Messer 45-50  
Creation – a Bond of Love? Calum MacKellar 51-53  
Response by Gareth JonesD Gareth Jones 53-55  


[View Correspondence Section] [Download Correspondence Section]
Title Author(s) Pages  
The Illusory Self Philip Bligh 56-59  
Selfhood is not an Illusion Peter G. H. Clarke 60  
Human Origins P G Nelson 61  
Human Origins – a Response Graeme Finlay 62-64  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Book Review: Victorian Sensation: the Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation James A. Secord (David Burbridge) 65-66  
Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design W. A. Dembski and J. M. Kushiner, (eds) (Mike Poole) 66-68  
Can a Darwinian be a Christian? The Relationship between Science and Religion Michael Ruse (Derek Burke) 68-70  
Darwin’s Mentor: John Stevens Henslow, 1769 – 1861 S. M.Walters and E. A. Stow (Owen Thurtle) 70-71  
Reconciling Science and Religion: the Debate in Early-Twentieth Century Britain Peter J Bowler (Colin A Russell) 71-72  
Quantum Mechanics: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action, Volume 5 Robert John Russell, Philip Clayton, Kirk Wegter-McNelly and John Polkinghorne (eds) (Lawrence Osborn) 72-73  
The Essence of Darwinism Kirsten Birkett (Diana Briggs) 73-74  
Facing Up: Science and its Cultural Adversaries Steven Weinberg (Anthony Garrett) 75-76  
Faith in Science: Scientists Search for Truth W. Mark Richardson and Gordy Slack (eds.) (John Bausor) 76-77  
Habitat of Grace: biology, Christianity and the globalenvironmental crisis Carolyn M. King (Ray Gambell) 77-78  
Scientism: Science, ethics and religion Stenmark, Mikael (Mike Poole) 78-79  
God & Reason in the Middle Ages Edward Grant (Charles Webster) 79-80  
The Prenatal Person: Ethics from conception to birth Norman M Ford (KNP Mickleson) 80-81  
The Bible, Protestantism, and the rise of natural science P. Harrison Ernest Lucas 81-82  
Deep Economy: Caring for Ecology, Humanity and Religion Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten Ray Gambell 82-83  
Evolution under the Microscope. A scientific critique of the theory of evolution. David Swift R J Berry 83-84  
Modern Medicine and The Bible Alan W Fowler (John Wilkinson) 84-85  
The Concept of Nature John Habgood (Ron Elsdon) 85-86  
The God of Hope and the End of the World John Polkinghorne (Ernest Lucas) 86-87  
Developing the Horizons of the Mind K. Helmut Reich (Peter G. McCarthy) 88-89  
Science and the spiritual quest: new essays byleading scientists W. Mark Richardson, Robert John Russell, Philip Clayton & Kirk Wetger-McNelly (eds) (Meric Srokosz) 89-90  
Theological Issues in Bioethics: an Introduction with Readings Neil Messer (Editor) (Caroline Berry) 90-91  
The Frontiers of Science and Faith – ExaminingQuestions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe John Jefferson Davis (Andrew Halestrap) 91-93  
Hope for Your Future: Theological Voices from thePastorate William H. Lazareth, (Editor) (Peter Lynch) 94  
Human Genetics: Fabricating the Future Robert Song (Søren Holm) 95  
Creation Hans Schwarz (K.N.P. Mickleson) 95-96  

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