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Table of Contents for 2005: Volume 17 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Michael Byrne 2-4  
The Boyle Lecture 2003: Darwin, Design and the Promise of Nature
John F. Haught 5-20  
A Response to the Boyle Lecture
Simon Conway Morris 21-24  
A Blast from the Past? The Boyle Lectures and Natural Theology
Alister McGrath 25-34  
Reflections on the Boyle Lecture
Paul Helm 35-40  
The Lions Seek Their Prey From God: a Commentary on the Boyle Lecture
R. J. Berry 41-56  
True Union Differentiates: A Response to My Critics
John F. Haught 57-70  
Appropriate Technology: The Poetry of Science
Michael J. Clifford 71-82 [Abstract]


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Title Author(s) Pages  
More on Memes Alan Gijsbers 83-84  
Van Till and Probability Theory Colin Reeves 84-87  
Intelligent Design’s Vulnerability to False Positive Indicators: A Response to Reeves Howard J. Van Till 87-90  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
God’s Stewards D. Brandt (ed) (K. Mickleson) 91-92  
The Miracles of the Exodus C.Humphreys (J. Bimson) 92-93  
The Re-enchantment of Nature McGrath (W. Kay) 94-95  
Living with Hope J. Polkinghorne (E. Lucas) 95  
The Question of God M. Palmer (R. Luhman) 95-96  
Nature, Human Nature, and God I. Barbour (K. Mickleson) 96-97  
God’s Book of Works R. Berry (C. Dow) 98-99  
The New Genetic Medicine T. Shannon & J.Walter (G. Jones) 101-102  
The New Flatlanders E. Middleton (J. Bausor) 102-103  
Science, Theology and Ethics T. Peters (P. Moore) 103-104  
In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit N. Herzfeld (P. McCarthy) 104-105  
Philosophy Matters: An Introduction to Philosophy R. Trigg (P. Hampson) 105-106  
Bridging Science and Religion T. Peters & G. Bennett (eds) (M. Poole) 106-107  
Darwin and Design M. Ruse (S. Lucas) 107-108  
Life’s Solution S. Morris (R. Berry) 108-111  
Jesus and the Earth J. Jones (L. Burn) 111-112  
New Age, Paganism and Christian Mission S. Hollinghurst (E. Lucas) 112  

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