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Table of Contents for 2006: Volume 18 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Guest Editorial
Brian Heap 2-4  
The Boyle Lecture 2005: Darwin’s Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation
Simon Conway Morris 5-22  
Nothing in Biology makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution
R J Berry 23-29 [Abstract]
Rich Reality: a response to the Boyle Lecture by Simon Conway Morris
John Polkinghorne 31-34  
Navigating the Deep Structure of Biological Hyperspace: Divine Providence in an Otherwise Lonely Universe
Michael S. Northcott 35-40  
A response to the commentaries of R.J. (Sam) Berry, John Polkinghorne and Michael Northcott
Simon Conway Morris 41-48  
Design in Nature
Oliver R. Barclay 49-61 [Abstract]
Reconsidering a ‘Cosmic Fall’
John J. Bimson 63-81 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Darwin’s Religious Odyssey William E. Phipps, (D. Burbridge) 83-84  
Islam and Ecology: A Bestowed Trust Richard C. Foltz, Frederick M. Denny, Azizan Baharuddin (eds.), (S. Lucas) 84-85  
A Christian Response to the New Genetics: Religious, Ethical and Social Issues D. H. Smith & C. B. Cohen (eds.), (C. Berry) 85-86  
Adam, Eve and the Genome Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite (ed.), (J. Bryant) 86-88  
The Design Revolution: answering the toughest questions about Intelligent Design William A. Dembski, (P. Wraight) 88-89  
Life in Our Hands: A Christian Perspective on Genetics and Cloning John Bryant and John Searle, (G. Jones) 89-90  
In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being: Panentheistic Reflections on God’s Presence in a Scientific World P. Clayton & A. Peacocke (eds.), (S. Bishop) 91-92  
God and the Nature of Time Garrett J. DeWeese, (L. Osborn) 92-93  
The Divine Lawmaker : Lectures on Induction, Laws of Nature, and the Existence of God John Foster, (L. Jaeger) 93-94  
Evolving Creation: God’s Books: Genetics & Genesis Graeme Finlay, (E. Lucas) 94-95  
Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? Henry F. Schaefer III, (J. Bausor) 95-96  
Debating Design: From Darwin to DNA W. A. Dembski & M. Ruse (eds.), (S. Bishop) 96-98  
Science and Theology since Copernicus: the search for understanding Peter Barrett, (A. Halestrap) 98-99  
Beyond Belief: Science, faith and ethical challenges D. Alexander and R. S. White, (A. Halestrap) 98-99  
Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith David G. Myers & Malcolm A. Jeeves, (A. Morinan)
Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science Alan G. Padgett, (L. Osborn 101-102  
Theology of Physics George Richter, (P. Wraight) 102-103  
Creation out of Nothing: a Biblical, Philosophical and Scientific Exploration Paul Copan & William Lane Craig, (S. Bishop) 103-104  
The Earth Story in the New Testament N. C. Habel & V. Balabanski (eds.), (R. Elsdon) 104-106  
Sketches towards a theology of Science W. Poon (ed), (B. McInnes) 107  
The Science of God Alister E. McGrath, (A. Ison) 108-109  
Agents under Fire: materialism and the rationality of science Angus Menuge, (D. Watts) 109-110  
God, the Multiverse, and Everything Rodney D. Holder, (M. McCartney) 111-112  

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