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Table of Contents for 2009: Volume 21 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Editorial: Rescuing Darwin
Denis Alexander 2  
The Reception of Darwinism in the Nineteenth Century: A Three Part Story
EDWARD J. LARSON 3-24 [Abstract]
The Boyle Lecture 2008: Psychologising and Neurologising about Religion: Facts, Fallacies and the Future
Psychology, Religion & Theology – A Response to Malcolm Jeeves
Neuroscience and the Soul – A Response to Malcolm Jeeves
Resonance and Dissonance – A Response to Malcolm Jeeves
Psychology, Neuroscience, Religion and Theology – Pruning the ‘isms’ and Defining the Conceptual Framework

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science Philip Clayton (ed.)
Zachary Simpson (ass. ed.)
(Christopher Southgate)
The Deep Structure of Biology Simon Conway Morris (ed.) (Graeme Finlay) 81-82  
The Fall of Man and the Foundations of Science Peter Harrison (Lydia Jaeger) 82-83  
The Open Secret: A New Vision for Natural Theology Alister E. McGrath (Philip Bligh) 83-84  
Why There Almost Certainly Is a God: Doubting Dawkins Keith Ward (Rodney Holder) 84-86  
Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology (The Gifford Lectures) J. Wentzel van Huyssteen (Justin L. Barrett) 86-87  
Eminent Lives in Twentieth-Century Science & Religion Nicolaas A. Rupke (ed.) (Geoffrey Cantor) 87-88  
Did My Neurons Make Me Do It?: Philosophical and Neurobiological Perspectives on Moral Responsibility and Free Will Nancey Murphy & Warren S. Brown
(Paul N. Markham)
Evolution and Emergence: Systems, Organisms, Persons Nancey Murphy and William R. Stoeger (eds.)
(Celia Deane-Drummond)
Roman Catholicism and Modern Science: A History Don O’Leary (Cyprian Love) 91-92  
I Wish I Could Believe in Meaning and Purpose: A Response to Nihilism Peter S. Williams (Peter Hampson) 92-93  
Problems in theology 4: science and religion Jeff Astley, David Brown, Ann Loades (eds.)
(Andrew Fox)
The Day Without Yesterday: Lemaître, Einstein, and the Birth of Modern Cosmology John Farrell (Simon Mitton) 94-95  
God, Chance and Purpose David J. Bartholomew (Mark McCartney) 95-96  

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