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Table of Contents for 2011: Volume 23 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Editorial: The Bible, Ethics and the New Atheism
Rodney D. Holder 2  
Mystery and Ignorance
PETER J. BUSSEY 3-21 [Abstract]
Adam or Adamah?
R. J. BERRY 23-48 [Abstract]
Theodicy and Geodesy: Who Is to Blame?
JOHN TURL 49-66 [Abstract]


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Title Author(s) Pages  
Theistic evolution and the Fall DERMOT O’CALLAGHAN 67-68  
User’s Guide to Science and Belief M.W.POOLE 67  
A Response to Dermot O’Callaghan R J BERRY 69-72  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions Jitse M. van der Meer
Scott Mandelbrote (eds.)
(Ernan McMullin)
The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution, and the Problem of Evil Christopher Southgate
(Lawrence Osborn)
In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near Triumph of American Eugenics Victoria F. Nourse
(Edward J. Larson)
Teaching About Scientific Origins – Taking Account of Creationism, Volume 277, Counterpoints series – Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education Leslie S Jones
Michael J. Reiss (eds.)
(John Ling)
Against Atheism. Why Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris Are Fundamentally Wrong Ian S. Markham
(Peter Bussey)
Horizons of Cosmology: Exploring Worlds Seen and Unseen Joseph Silk
(Paul Wraight)
The Grand Design: New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life Stephen Hawking
Leonard Mlodinow
(Rodney Holder)
Creationism and its Critics in Antiquity David Sedley
(Simon Mitton)
Debating Darwin. Two Debates: Is Darwinism True & Does it Matter? Graeme Finlay
Stephen Lloyd
Stephen Pattemore
David Swift
(Simon Kolstoe)
The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate John H. Walton
(Ernest Lucas)
I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution Denis Lamoureux
(Graeme Finlay)
Darwin and God Nick Spencer
(John Spicer)
Biology and Ideology from Descartes to Dawkins Denis Alexander
Ronald Numbers (eds.)
(Andrew Halestrap)
Theology After Darwin Michael S. Northcott
R.J. Berry (eds.)
(Celia Deane-Drummond)
God, ethics and the human genome Mark Bratton (ed.)
(John Bryant)
A Second Genesis: Stepping-stones Towards the Intelligibility of Nature Julian Chela-Flores
(Meric Srokosz)
Religion-And-Science as Spiritual Quest for Meaning Philip Hefner
(Louise Hickman)

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