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Table of Contents for 1991: Volume 3 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Oliver R. Barclat 2  
Christianity and the Environment: Escapist Mysticism or Responsible Stewardship
R. J. Berry 3-14 [Abstract]
A Bibliography on Environmental Issues
R. J. Berry 15-18  
Report from Bergen
Peter Bright 19-24 [Abstract]
Creation Time–What does Genesis Say?
D. J. Wiseman 25-34 [Abstract]
Gödel’s Theorem in Perspective
H. Martyn Cundy 35-49 [Abstract]
Response to Article: What does Gödel tell us?
Nigel J. Cutland 51-55  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Evolution and Creation: A European Perspective Svend Andersen (Ed) and Arthur Peacocke (O. R. Barclay) 57  
Free Will and Determinism Viggo Mortensen (Ed) and Robert C. Sorensen (O. R. Barclay) 57  
The God Who Responds H. D. McDonald (D. C. Spanner) 57-58  
Darwin’s Metaphor: Nature’s Place in Victorian Culture Robert M. Young (D. W. Bebbington) 58-59  
Bones of Contention Roger Lewin (John R. Armstrong) 59-60  
Life Pulse: Episodes from the Story of the Fossil Record Niles Eldredge (John R. Armstrong) 60-61  
Theories at Work: on the structure and functioning of theories in science, in particular during the Copernican Revolution Marinus Dirk Stafleu (Peter J. Mott) 62-63  
Explanation from Physics to Theology: an essay in rationality and religion Philip Clayton (Peter J. Mott) 62-63  
Logic and Affirmation, Perspectives in Mathematics and Theology John Puddefoot (K. G. Horswell) 63-65  
Mindwaves Colin Blakemore and Susan Greenfield (Eds) (P. Knox) 65-66  
Genetic Engineering: Catastrophe or Utopia? Peter R. Wheale & Ruth M. McNally (Darryl Macer) 66-67  
God and Creation in Christian Theology: Tyranny or Empowerment? Kathryn Tanner (Lawrence H. Osborn) 68-69  
Evolution–the Great Debate Vernon Blackmore and Andrew Page (Denis R. Alexander) 69-71  
Science as a Process. An Evolutionary Account of the Social and Conceptual Development of Science David L. Hull (David N. Livingstone) 71-73  
The Conquest of the Microchip: Science and Business in the Silicon Age Hans Queisser (David Lyon) 73-74  
Knowledge of God: Calvin, Einstein and Polanyi lain Paul (J. W. Ward) 75-77  
Was Einstein Right? Putting General Relativity to the Test? Clifford M. Will (David A. Wilkinson) 77-78  
The How and Why: An Essay on the Origins and Development of Physical Theory David Park (J. H. Brook) 78-80  

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