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Table of Contents for 1991: Volume 3 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Oliver R. Barclay 2  
The Miraculous
Paul Helm 83-95 [Abstract]
How Not to Think About Miracles
Stuart Judge 97-102 [Abstract]
Newton’s Rejection of the ‘Newtonian World View’: The Role of Divine Will in Newton’s Natural Philosophy
Edward B. Davis 103-117 [Abstract]
Evil in the Non-Human World
S. E. Alsford 119-130 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Physics and the World Niels Bohr (John Polkinghorne) 131  
Science and Philosophy: Past and Present Derek Gjertsen (Paul Helm) 131-132  
What Mad Pursuit Francis Crick (A. B. Robins) 132-133  
A Brief History of Eternity: A considered response to Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ Roy E. Peacock (David A. Wilkinson) 133-134  
Genetics, The Ethics of Engineering Life David Suzuki and Peter Knudtson (Caroline Berry) 135  
The Selfish Gene, New Edition Richard Dawkins (Darryl Macer) 135-137  
The Word of Science: The Religious and Social Thought of C. A. Coulson David & Eileen Hawkin (Lawrence Osborn) 137-138  
The Big Bang, Revised and Updated Edition Joseph Silk (Robert Boyd) 138-139  
Sidereus Nuncius, or The Sidereal Messenger Galileo Galilei (C. A. Russell) 139  
Science, Order and Creativity David Bohm and F. David Peat (Jonathan R. Topham) 139-141  
Infinite in All Directions Freeman J. Dyson (Ernest C. Lucas) 141-143  
Schrodinger: Life and Thought Walter Moore (John Polkinghorne) 143-144  
Grounds for Reasonable Belief Russell Stannard (Lawrence Osborn) 144-145  
The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins Richard G. Klein (Gordon Barnes) 145-146  
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science Anthony O’Hear (Melvin Tinker) 146-147  
Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modem Science Werner Heisenberg (David A. Wilkinson) 147-148  
The Mind on Fire Blaise Pascal (Oliver R. Barclay) 148  
The Darwinian Paradigm: Essays on its History, Philosophy, and Religious Implications Michael Ruse (Gordon E. Barnes) 148-150  
The Gene Shifters John Newell (Neil Messer) 150-152  
Wisdom, Information & Wonder. What is knowledge for? Mary Midgley (Lawrence Osborn) 152-153  
Darwin and the General Reader Alvar Ellegard (Darryl Macer) 153-154  
The God Who Would be Known: Revelations of the Divine in Contemporary Science John. M. Templeton and Robert L. Herrmann (Oliver Barclay) 154-155  
Wonderful Life–The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History Stephen Jay Gould (Peter Mott) 155-156  
Multiple Exposure–Chronicles of the Radiation Age Catherine Caufield (Andrew Fox) 156-157  
Rochester Roundabout. The Story of High Energy Physics John Polkinghorne (Robert Boyd) 157  
Healing: Fiction, Fantasy or Fact? David C. Lewis (John Wilkinson) 157-159  

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