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Table of Contents for 2021: Volume 33 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Theological Implications of Simon Conway Morris’s Portrayal of Convergent Biological Evolution
Andrew Jackson 2-19  


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Title Author(s) Pages  
A response to Andrew Jackson Simon Conway Morris 20-24  
Response to Simon Conway Morris Andrew Jackson 25-29  
A response to John Jefferson Davis’s article ‘The Spirit and the Glory’s Banishment from the Material World’ Andrew Jackson 25-29  

Book Reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
A Theory of Everything (That Matters): A Short Guide to Einstein, Relativity and the Future of Faith Alister McGrath, (Jonathan Lyonhart) 32-33  
The Territories of Human Reason: Science and Theology in an Age of Multiple Rationalities to Einstein, Relativity and the Future of Faith Alister E. McGrath, (Tim Henstock) 33-34  
Neurology and Religion Theology in an Age of Multiple Rationalities to Einstein, Relativity and the Future of Faith Alasdair Coles and Joanna Collicutt,
(Malcolm Jeeves)
God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse: What Hawking Said and Why it Matters David Hutchings and David Wilkinson,
(Steve Bishop)
Secularity and Science: What Scientists Around the World Really Think about Religion Elaine H. Ecklund, David R.
Johnson, Brandon Vaidyanathan,
Kirstin R. W. Matthews, Steven W.
Lewis, Robert A. Thomson Jr., and
Di Di
Genesis, Science and the Beginning. Evaluating Interpretations of Genesis One on the Age of the Earth Benjamin D. Smith Jr., (Peter J. M. van der Burgt) 40-41  
Why Free Will Is Real Christian List, (Rob Heather) 41-43  
Science, Religions and the Protestant Tradition: Retracing the Origins of Conflict James C. Ungureanu, (Nick Spencer) 43-45  
Time to Act: A Resource Book by the Christians in Extinction Rebellion Jeremy Williams, (Matt Patterson) 45-46  
Stewards of Eden: What Scripture Says About the Environment and Why It Matters Sandra L. Richter, (Abigail Patterson) 46-48  
Caves, Coprolites and Catastrophes : The Story of Pioneering Geologist and Fossil-Hunter William Buckland Allan Chapman, (Robert (Bob) White) 48-49  
Genesis 1 - 11 Rebecca S. Watson, (Ivan Haigh) 49-51  
Sarah’s Laughter – Doubt, Tears, and Christian Hope Vinoth Ramachandra, (Denis Alexander) 51-52  
Science and Religion in Education: (Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education) Berry Billingsley, Keith Chappell and
Michael Reiss (eds.), (Stephen Thompson)
Reformed Theology and Evolutionary Theory Gijsbert van den Brink, (Nathan R. James) 54-56  

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