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Table of Contents for 2021: Volume 33 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Keith Fox 61-62  
How the Laws of Nature were Naturalised
Jeffrey Koperski 63-82  
From Deterrence to Abhorrence: How the Catholic Church Has Changed Its Mind on Nuclear Weapons
Jonathan W. Chappell 83-98  
Secondary school students’ perceptions of scientific and religious positions on miracles
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Berry Billingsley, Keith S. Taber, Mehdi Nassaji 99-120  


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Title Author(s) Pages  
Response to William Horst Stom Ambrose 132-136  
Response to Tom Ambrose William Horst 137-140  

Essay reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Chronology in Genesis 1-2 and the book Genesis 1-4 by C. John Collins Paul Marston 121-131  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Christianity and the New Eugenics Calum MacKellar, (D. Gareth Jones) 141-142  
Physico-theology: Religion and Science in Europe, 1650-1750 Ann Blair and Kaspar von Greyerz (eds.),
(Nick Spencer)
EcoTheology: A Christian Conversation Kiara A. Jorgenson and Alan G. Padgett (eds.), (Dr Ruth Valerio ) 145  
Bede and the Cosmos: Theology and Nature in the Eighth Century Eoghan Ahern, (James Hannam) 146-147  
Dinosaurs, volcanoes and Holy Writ: a boy turned-scientist journeys from fundamentalism to faith James L. Hayward, (Hugh Rollinson) 148  
Original Sin and the Fall: Five Views J. B. Stump and Chad Meister (eds.),
(The Revd Dr Ernest Lucas)
On The Origin of Consciousness: An Exploration through the Lens of the Christian Conception of God and Creation Scott D. G. Ventureyra, (Carl Thomas) 151-152  
Cosmology Without God?: The Problematic Theology Inherent in Modern Cosmology David Alcalde, (Dr Kevin Ralley) 153  
Can we believe in people? Human Significance in an Interconnected Cosmos Stephen R. L. Clark, (Mirjam Schilling) 154  
Bioethics and the Character of Human Life Gilbert Meilaender, (John Bryant) 155-156  
Science without God? Rethinking the History of Scientific Naturalism Peter Harrison & Jon H. Roberts (eds.),
(Nathan Bossoh)
Through a Glass, Darkly: Journeys through Science, Faith & Doubt - a memoir Alister McGrath, (Steph Bevan) 158  
Orthodox Christianity and Modern Science: Tensions, Ambiguities, Potential V. N. Makrides, G. E. Woloschak (eds.),
(Elizabeth Theokritoff)
Ramified Natural Theology in Science and Religion: Moving Forward from Natural Theology Rodney Holder, (Shaun Henson) 161-162  
What Good is God: Crises. Faith. and resilience. Roger Abbott and Robert White, (John Swinton) 163-164  
The Mind of God and the Works of Nature: Laws and Powers in Naturalism, Platonism, and Classical Theism James Orr, (Steven Horst) 165-166  

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