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Table of Contents for 1992: Volume 4 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
A Short Introduction to the New Age Movement
Ernest Lucas 3-11 [Abstract]
Denis Alexander 82  
Natural Law in the Natural Sciences: the Origins of Modern Atheism?
John Hedley Brooke 83-103 [Abstract]
Mapping the Human Genome: the Human Genome Project
John Bryant 105-125 [Abstract]
Review Article. Reason and Reality: The relationship between science and theology by John C. Polkinghorne
Oliver R. Barclay 127-129  
Response to review article
John C. Polkinghorne 130  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution Maitland A. Edey & Donald C. Johanson (Darryl Macer) 131-132  
Shaping Genes Darryl Macer (John Bryant) 132-134  
The Unheeded Cry Bernard E. Rollin (T. J. Parkinson) 134  
Theology and the Justification of Faith Wentzel Van Huyssteen (W. S. K. Chalmers) 135  
The Description of nature. Niels Bohr and the Philosophy of Physics John Honner (Peter Landsberg) 135-136  
Thinking about Science–Max Delbrück and the Origins of Molecular Biology Ernst Peter Fischer and Carol Lipson (David M. Taylor) 136-138  
God Values, and Empiricism: Issues in Philosophieal Theology Creighton Peden and Larry Axel (Robert C. Bishop) 138-139  
The Earth is the Lord’s Steve Bishop and Christopher Droop (Leslie Batty) 139-140  
Thinking About Nature: An Investigation of Nature, Value and Ecology Andrew Brennan (Peter D. Moore) 140-141  
Global Warming Stephen H. Schneider (John Houghton) 141  
Animal and Christianity. A Book of Readings Andrew Linzey and Torn Regan (Oliver Barclay) 142  
Genesis Today Ernest Lucas (Reg Luhman) 142-143  
Science and Religion: One world–changing perspectives on reality Jan Fennema and lain Paul (Revd. Dr. D. C. Spanner) 143-144  
Religion in an Age of Science, The Gifford Lectures 1989-1991 Ian Barbour (Lawrence Osborn) 144-145  
Creation out of Nothing Don Cupitt (Lawrence Osborn) 146-147  
The Savior of Science Stanley L. Jaki (David Burgess) 147  
How to Ploy Theological Ping Pong Basil Mitchell (M. B. Roberts) 147-148  
End Frank Close (A. G. Stewart) 148-149  
Beyond the Big Bang: Quantum Cosmologies and God William B. Drees (Robert L. F. Boyd 149-150  
Science of the Gods: Reconciling mystery & matter David Ash & Peter Hewitt (Lawrence Osborne) 150-152  
The Rebirth of Nature; The Greening of Science and God Rupert Sheldrake (Lawrence Osborn) 150-152  
The Fate of the Forest–Developer, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon Susanna Hecht and Alexander Cockburn (Julian Evans) 152-153  
The Purpose of It All Stanley L. Jaki (Robert C. Bishop) 153-154  
The Power of Miracle Norman R. C. Dockeray (J. H. Chamberlayne) 154  
Biology Through the Eyes of Faith R. T. Wright (A. B. Robins) 155  
Man on Earth John Reader (A. B. Robins) 155  

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