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Table of Contents for 1994: Volume 6 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Denis Alexander 2  
The Human Embryo: Between Oblivion and Meaningful Life
D. Gareth Jones
3-19 [Abstract]
Ecofeminism and the Problem of Divine Immanence/Transcendence in Christian Environmental Ethics
Susan Power Bratton 21-40 [Abstract]
A critique of Aspects of the Philosophy and Theology of Richard Dawkins
Michael Poole 41-59 [Abstract]
Scientific Fraud and Scientific Method: A Comment on J. N. Hawthorne’s Paper
R. J. Berry 61-64 [Abstract]

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Genetically Modified Organisms: Benefits and Risks J. R. S. Fincham and J. R. Ravertz (Darryl Macer) 65-66  
Miracles: Science, the Bible and experience Michael Poole (Oliver Barclay) 66-67  
God is Green: Christianity and the Environment Ian Ronald (Alastair Grant) 67-68  
Cruelty and Christian Conscience: Bishops say no to Fur Andrew Linzey (ed.) (Oliver Barclay) 68  
Fearful Symmetry, Is God a Geometer? I. Stewart and M. Golubitsky (Peter Landsberg) 68  
Real Science, Real Faith (Sixteen leading British Scientists discuss their science and their personal faith) R. J. Berry (Ed.) (D. C. Spanner) 69  
The Discovery of Subatomic Particles S. Weinberg (Peter Landsberg) 69  
From Apocalypse to Genesis: Ecology, Feminism and Christianity Ann Primavesi (Lawrence Osborn) 70-71  
The Creationists R. L. Numbers (M. B. Roberts) 71-73  
Portraits of Creation Van Till et al. (M. B. Roberts) 71-73  
Science held Hostage Van Till (ed.) (M. B. Roberts) 71-73  
The Seven Pillories of Wisdom David R. Hall (D. C. Spanner) 73-74  
Practical Medical Ethics A. Campbell, G. Gillet and G. Jones (Caroline Berry) 74-75  
One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought Ernst Mayr (D. C. Spanner) 75-76  
Leaving Eden: To protect and manage the Earth E. G. Nisbet (Julian Evans) 76-77  
Interpreting the Universe as Creation: A Dialogue of Science and Religion Vincent Brümmer (Lawrence Osborn) 77-78  
Wonderwoman and Superman John Harris (Caroline Berry) 78-79  
Physics and Metaphysics: Theories of Space and Time Jennifer Trusted (D. A. Wilkinson) 79-80  
The Threat and the Glory P. B. Medawar (M. B. Roberts) 80  

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