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Table of Contents for 1994: Volume 6 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Denis Alexander 82  
Eighteenth Century Evangelical Responses to Science: John Wesley’s Enduring Legacy
John W. Haas, Jr.
83-100 [Abstract]
Cosmology and Christology
George L. Murphy
101-110 [Abstract]
The Christian Approach in Teaching Science
Reijer Hooykaas 113-128 [Abstract]
Obituary: Professor Reijer Hooykaas
Oliver R. Barclay 129-132  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
The Knight’s Move. The Relational Logic of the Spirit in Theology and Science J. E. Loader and W. J. Neidhardt (Mike Alsford) 133-134  
Replenish the Earth: A History of Organized Religion’s Treatment of Animals and Nature–Including the Bible’s Message of Conservation and Kindness to Animals Lewis G. Regenstein (Lawrence Osborn) 134-135  
The Unnatural Nature of Science Lewis Wolpert (Oliver Barclay) 135-136  
The Character of Physical Law Richard P. Feynman (John Polkinghorne) 136  
Our Genetic Future: The Science and Ethics of Genetic Technology British Medical Association (BMA) (R. B. Heap) 136-137  
Steps towards Life–A Perspective on Evolution Manfred Eigen with Ruthild Winkler-Oswatisch (Translated by Paul Woolley) (David M. Taylor) 137-139  
The Triumph of the Embryo Lewis Wolpert (Caroline Berry) 139-140  
The New Scientist Guide to Chaos Nina Hall (Editor) (John Houghton) 140  
The Diversity of Life E. O. Wilton (Paul C. Knox) 140-142  
Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science Michael White and John Gribbin ((Sir) Robert Boyd) 142-143  
Ethics in an Age of Technology: The Gifford Lectures 1989-1991 Ian Barbour (Lawrence Osborn) 143-144  
The Facts of Life Richard Milton (Reg Luhman) 144-145  
More Things in Heaven and Earth: God and the Scientists A. van den Beukel (Peter Landsberg) 145  
The New Scientist Inside Science Richard Fifield (ed.) (John Bausor) 145-147  
Biblical Faith and Natural Theology (The Gifford Lectures for 1991) James Barr (Steve Bishop) 147-148  
Theology for a Scientific Age: Being and Becoming–Natural, Divine and Human Arthur R. Peacocke (Lawrence Osborn) 148-150  
Pie in the Sky, Counting, thinking and being John D. Barrow (Robert Boyd) 150-151  
Dreams of a Final Theory Steven Weinberg (Peter Landsberg) 151-152  
‘Human Minds’: an Exploration Margaret Donaldson (P.C. Knox) 152-154  
Christianity, Wilderness and Wildlife: the original desert solitaire Susan Power Bratton (David Williams) 154-155  
Darwin on Trial Phillip E. Johnson (Oliver Barclay) 155  
The Gospel and Contemporary Culture Hugh Montefiore (ed.) (Tony Lane) 155-156  

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