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Table of Contents for 1995: Volume 7 (1)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Guest Editorial: The Science-Faith Debate: Important New Developments
Colin Humphreys 2  
What happens when we pray
John Houghton 3-20 [Abstract]
Creation and the Environment
R. J. Berry 21-43 [Abstract]
A Reply to Poole
Richard Dawkins 45-50 [Abstract]
A response to Dawkins
Michael Poole 51-58  
Essay Review: Science and Christian Belief by John Polkinghorne
Paul Helm 59-64  


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Title Author(s) Pages  
(Letter) Peter Addinall 65-67  
Reply to Peter Addinall Colin Humphreys 67-70  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Beyond Brundtland: Green Development in the 1990’s Thijs de la Court (Ron Elsdon) 71-72  
Value Free Science? Purity and Power in Modern Knowledge Robert N. Proctor (V. Paul Marston) 72-74  
The Astonishing Hypothesis. The Scientific Search for the Soul Francis Crick (D. A. Booth) 75-76  
Nothing But Atoms And Molecules?: Probing the limits of science Rodney D. Holder (Ernest Lucas) 76-77  
God, The Big Bang and Stephen Hawking: An Exploration into Origins David Wilkinson (Oliver Howarth) 77-78  
Complexity: the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos M. Mitchell Waldrop (David Atkinson) 78-79  
Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays Stephen Hawking (Robert Boyd) 79-80  
Complexity Roger Lewin (J. Houghton) 80-81  
‘The Doctrine of DNA’ R. C. Lewontin (Alun Morinan) 81-83  
Rationality & Science: Can Science Explain Everything? Roger Trigg (Denis Alexander) 83-85  
Biothethics in a Liberal Society Max Charlesworth (Caroline Berry) 85-86  
Creation Revisited P. W. Atkins (E. Rogers) 86-87  
The Science and Theology of Information C. Wassermann, R. Kirby and B. Rordorff (P. Lendsberg) 87  
The New Genesis Ronald Cole-Turner (R. B. Heap) 87-89  
The Golem: what everyone should know about science Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch (Ernest C. Lucas) 89-91  
Eternity and Eternal Life. Speculative Theology and Science in Discourse Tibor Horvarth, S. J. (Brother Jacques Arnould) 91-92  
Science Education for a Pluralist Society Michael J. Reiss (Steve Bishop) 93-94  
Our Place in the Cosmos Fred Hoyle & Chandra Wickramasinghe (Robert Boyd) 93-94  
Environmental Ethics: Divergence and Convergence Susan J. Armstrong and Richard G. Botzler (Steve Bishop) 94  
Man and Creation: Perspectives on Science and Theology Michael Bauman (ed.) (Oliver Barclay) 95  

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