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Table of Contents for 1995: Volume 7 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
Sam Berry 98-100  
Creatio Continua and Divine Action
John Polkinghorne 101-108 [Abstract]
A Response to Polkinghorne
Arthur Peacocke 109-115  
Contemporary Perspectives on Chance, Providence and Free Will - A critique of some modern authors
Jonathan Doye
Ian Goldby
Christina Line
Stephen Lloyd
Paul Shellard
David Tricker
117-139 [Abstract]
Genesis 1-2 and Recent Studies of Ancient Texts
Richard S. Hess 141-149 [Abstract]
The Eruption of Santorini and the Date and Historicity of Joseph
Colin J. Humphreys
Robert S. White
151-162 [Abstract]
A Response to Tipler’s Omega-Point Theory
W. R. Stoeger
G. F. R. Ellis
163-172 [Abstract]


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Title Author(s) Pages  
(Letter) John Polkinghorne 173  

Book reviews

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Title Author(s) Pages  
A Guide to Science and Belief Michael Poole (Michael Walker) 175  
Designer Universe John Wright (John Bausor) 175-176  
In the Beginning: the birth of the living universe John Gribbin (John Bausor) 176-178  
Mind Fields. Reflections on the Science of Mind and Brain Malcolm Jeeves (D. A. Booth) 178-179  
Christian Doctrine in the Light of Michael Polanyi’s Theory of Personal Knowledge Joan Crewdson (John Polkinghorne) 179  
The Darwin Legend James Moore (V. Paul Marston) 179-181  
Kanzi–The Ape at the Brink of the Human Mind Sue Savage (Victor Pearce) 182-183  
The Origin of the Universe John D. Barrow (Robert Boyd 183-184  
The Last Three Minutes Paul Davies (Robert Boyd) 183-184  
Quarks, Chaos and Christianity. Questions to Science and Religion John C. Polkinghorne (Oliver Barclay) 184-185  
The Genetic Revolution Patrick Dixon (Ernest Lucas) 185-187  
Emotion and Spirit Neville Symington (Michael W. Elfred) 187-188  
How to think about the Earth: Philosophical and theological models for ecology Stephen R. L. Clark (Lawrence Osborn) 188-189  
The Gene Wars. Science, Politics and the Human Genome Robert Cook-Deegan (V. Kleinwächter) 189-190  
The Psychology of Religious Knowing Fraser Watts and Mark Williams (Michael W. Elfred) 190-191  
The language of the genes Steve Jones (Caroline Berry) 191-192  
The Creative Cosmos: A Unified Science of Matter, Life and Mind Ervin Laszlo (Steve Bishop) 191-192  

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