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Table of Contents for 1996: Volume 8 (2)

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Title Author(s) Pages  
D. Gareth Jones 98-100  
The Virgin Birth of Christ
R. J. Berry 101-110 [Abstract]
Spacetime and Revelation
Lawrence Osborn 111-123 [Abstract]
‘Speak to the Earth and It Will Teach You’
Euan G. Nisbet 125-144 [Abstract]
Errata 164  
Index to Vols 7 & 8
Index to Vols 7 & 8 189-192  


[View Debate Section] [Download Debate Section]
Title Author(s) Pages  
Complementarity in Perspective Philip P. Duce 145-155  
Response to Duce Howard J. Van Till 157-161  


[View Correspondence Section] [Download Correspondence Section]
Title Author(s) Pages  
John Polkinghorne John Polkinghorne 163  

Book reviews

[View Book reviews Section] [Download Book reviews Section]
Title Author(s) Pages  
Is There a God? Richard Swinburne (J. C. Polkinghorne) 165  
The Physics of Immortality: modern cosmology, God, and the resurrection of the dead Frank Tipler (E. J. Squires) 166-168  
Superforce Paul Davies (G. A. D. Briggs) 168-169  
The Day before Yesterday: Five Million Years of Human History Colin Tudge (Gordon E. Barnes) 169-170  
The Promise of Nature: Ecology and Cosmic Purpose John F. Haught (Lawrence Osborn) 170-172  
Alternative Medicine: Helpful or Harmful? Robina Coker (Caroline Berry) 172  
The Grammar of Consciousness. An exploration of Tacit Knowing Edward Moss (D. A. Booth) 172-173  
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea—Evolution and the Meanings of Life Daniel C. Dennett (Denis Alexander) 173-178  
The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World Amit Goswami (Lawrence Osborn) 178-179  
The Earth, Humanity and God Colin A. Russell (P. C. Knox) 179-181  
Beliefs and Values in Science Education Michael Poole (R. S. Luhman) 181-182  
The Sea of Faith Don Cupitt (M. B. Roberts) 182-184  
After All Don Cupitt (M. B. Roberts) 182-184  
Eternity and Time’s Flow Robert Cummings Neville (John A. Mills) 184-188  
Newton I. B. Cohen and R. S. Westfall (G. A. D. Briggs) 188  

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