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Embodied and Socially Embedded ‘Self’: Understanding Jesus’s Bodily Resurrection and Believers’ Post Mortem Identity and Continuity

S & CB 31 (2)
October 2019


Are human beings mere souls with disposable bodies or just physical bodies with no souls? While Cartesian dualism propounded the former, contemporary science promulgates the latter. The purpose of this paper is to engage with these notions and to steer away from such dualistic / reductionist tendencies towards a nonreductive account, to construct an embodied and socially embedded identity of ‘human self’. This paper will argue that Jesus’s post-resurrection self-identity and continuity were constituted by his embodied and socially embedded relationship and hence believers’ post mortem identity and continuity also should be an embodied and socially embedded reality. For this purpose, the author will engage with cognitive neuroscientific understanding and phenomenological consciousness.

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