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The Bible and Ancient Science: A Reply to Andrew Loke

S & CB 31 (2)
October 2019


In his October 2018 Science and Christian Faith paper, Andrew Loke criticizes my view that Scripture has an ancient understanding of the natural world. Rooting his views in the hermeneutics of G.K. Beale, he contends that the Bible has no “scientific errors” and it features what he terms is “unrestricted inerrancy.” To reply, this paper begins with a brief review of cosmology in the ancient Near East. It then turns to Scripture to demonstrate that the Holy Spirit accommodated in revelatory process and allowed the biblical authors to use the science-of-day in ANE as an incidental vessel to deliver inerrant spiritual truths. Next, I criticize the concordist and figurative hermeneutics of Loke and Beale. The paper closes by proposing a view that biblical inerrancy with regard to statements about nature in the Word of God.

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